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Malcolm Goldie

Malcolm Goldie is a musician, producer and sound designer

Based in London, creating original music and sound for advertising, branding, art and fashion

Track 9 - Lexicon of love

The Sound of Malcolm LP

15 track debut album released on Trunk Records. Limited edition first pressing on semi transparent pink vinyl, 300 copies. Mastered at Airlab, UK, pressed at Optimal, Germany.

“What the f*ck is going on here? It sounds like someone’s plugged a water damaged Nintendo console into your head and forced an acid house compilation into the cartridge slot.” FOUR STARS
Record Collector Magazine

“Supremely daft and playful avant-techno jigglers from a production partner of Jonny Trunk for the big man’s label. Tipped to fans of Herbert.”

Music / Production: Malcolm Goldie

Trunk Records: JBH086LP

Available here

Birds EP

‘Birds’ is a collaboration between Erik Kessels, Anthony Burrill and Malcolm Goldie. Bird song and aeroplane recordings are carefully arranged in an audio collage of pleasant and unpleasant sounds. The record creates an unsettling listening experience featuring amongst others the sound of the House Sparrow, Airbus A320, Blue Tit, Boeing 777X, Wood Pigeon and a Cessna 172. The limited edition single-sided 12″ vinyl disc is 20 minutes duration, presented in a luxury full colour sleeve.

Sound / production: Malcolm Goldie

Concept / design: Erik Kessels & Anthony Burrill

Animation: Paul Plowman

Available here

Lockdown Studio Tour

Episode 1

Lockdown is boring, so Malcolm takes his friend for a tour of the studio.

Lockdown Studio Tour

Episode 2

‘Used to be good’ – some things in the studio are past their former glory.

Lockdown Studio Tour

Episode 3

Stay in, wash your hands, but where is the bathroom?

Lockdown Studio Tour

Episode 4

Malcolm explains the skills required to be a superstar DJ.

Lockdown Studio Tour

Episode 5

Malcolm has gone home in a huff, but what happens when he’s not there?

Lockdown Studio Tour

Episode 6

Malcolm is reluctantly persuaded to do a live Q&A via Instagram.

A Brief Conversation About Life Sex and Death

A short film about everything and nothing.

Direction / Words / Sound: Malcolm Goldie
Animation: Zac Ella

You Should Leave

This entire piece of music is made from a two second sample of a household smoke alarm. It was released as part of the concept album EEP EEP EEP EP. The audience would usually leave when hearing an alarm, but instead sit and enjoy the sound for several minutes.

Music / Sound: Malcolm Goldie
Album concept and co-ordination: Rajeev Basu