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Malcolm Goldie

Malcolm Goldie is a musician, producer and sound designer

Based in London creating original music and sound for commercials, television, sonic branding/identity, digital, fine art, and film. His productions have a unique up-beat personality and distinctive sound.

We Are All Maidens (We Are Going To Die)

Wall-flowers, wall-flowers,
Growing up so high,
We are all maidens,
And we are going to die,
She can hop and she can skip,
And she can turn the candle stick.
My, my what a shame,
Turn your face to the wall again.

Music: Malcolm Goldie
Lyrics: Traditional

Released by the ICA Gallery, London,

on the compilation CD ‘Heavy Pencil’.

IdN Magazine short film

For the 100th issue of IdN magazine Zac Ella created this one minute film and asked me to produce an original piece of music to animate to. One day all pop music will sound like this…

Direction / Animation: Zac Ella
Music / Sound: Malcolm Goldie
Counting: Ted Manzie

100m Breastroke short film

Made as part of the Art Relay exhibition at KK Outlet London. Artists collaborated to create short films representing an event at the 2012 London Olympics. I produced the sound by reproducing the precise timing and movement of an Olympic breaststroke swimmer across my Jupiter 6 synthesiser, while  Zac Ella created the animation to sync exactly with the sound.

Animation: Zac Ella

Concept / Sound: Malcolm Goldie

Matisse Cut-Outs

Simple sound design for an animated trailer promoting the Matisse Cut-outs exhibition at Tate Modern, London

Direction: Mat Maitland/Big Active
Animation: Paul Plowman
Sound: Malcolm Goldie

PAM showreel

During a hard disk spring clean I found this old edit of PAM work. I thought I’d put it up as the sound is still funking like a good’un.

PAM is Paul Plowman, Anthony Burrill, Malcolm Goldie
Sound: Malcolm Goldie

Toys short film

Ted Manzie narrates this tale of love, while a 30 year old Roland Jupiter 6 synthesizer provides the music of space sadness.

Author: Dan Rhodes
Film: Paul Plowman, Anthony Burrill, Zac Ella
Sound: Malcolm Goldie
Voice: Ted Manzie


Information film for Adecco

Sound design: Malcolm Goldie
Design and animation: Paul Plowman
Agency: KesselsKramer