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Malcolm Goldie

Malcolm Goldie is a musician, producer and sound designer

Based in London, creating original music and sound for advertising, branding, art and fashion

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Canal Plus tv channel idents

The Canal Plus ‘Family Channel’ audio identity features a series of playful, upbeat pieces of music that are intended to appeal to both children and adults. The animations in series 1 are visual representations of the musical elements, each quarter of the screen reacts to a different part of the sound. In series 2 the music retains a similar personality but is expanded into a wider range of quirky emotions.

The four note mnemonic accompanying the logo is a key part of the brand identity. It retains the same melody but has a different texture on each ident.

The ‘Cinema Channel’ features music that abstracts in brief the emotions associated with different movie genres – action, horror, science fiction etc.

Music / Sound: Malcolm Goldie
Creative Direction: Richard Holman / Daniel Eatock
Branding Agency: Devilfish
Client: Canal Plus (France)
Animation (series 1): Foreign Office
Animation (series 2): Life Long Friendship Society